3  Months ago we took ownership of the cutest scruffy dog called Lil Ginge!

A 14 month old terrier mix that belonged to a friend who sadly couldn’t give her the life he had hoped for.  She had been bought from some gypsies at only 5 weeks old and could fit in the palm of your hand.  She was brought up on a farm with two young working collies and a gun dog as playmates.  The little one didn’t  really know much more than the farm,  till she came to live with us.

She wasn’t our first dog, we had had our lovely boy Rory put to sleep in April, 5 months earlier, neither of us were certain we were ready for another dog just yet but we knew Ginge and she seemed to fit all the boxes and was so drastically different from Rory it didn’t feel like a betrayal.

We thought she was confident and gutsy little thing but we cocked up her introduction to ‘real life’ by throwing her in at the deep end and sadly listening to the ‘back seat drivers’  when she exhibited what I now know was a fearful and nervous reaction (its surprising how many dog trainers there are in the world!! who would have thought it!) the things we tried no doubt exacerbated her fears adn now we have what is known as a reactive dog.

Its a very lonely place and I am starting this blog simply to put down my thoughts and feelings, as sadly my husband was not as ready and is less than supportive of all the work I am trying to put in to correct our earlier mistakes.